January Update

As I welcome in the New Year, I am pleased to announce my cover band project JASON ARIGONI TAKING COVERI will be bringing you the best songs in rock music spanning the last five decades. From Black Sabbath to ZZ Top, Duran Duran to Disturbed, I assure you there's something for everyone here. I am still working out the details on the set list and how to present this band, but the song foundation and ideas are there. I have a list of clubs who are ready to book and I have begun my search for players.

HALF PAST MY SIN, there has been interest from national booking agencies to put HPMS on the road with some well known acts. We have had some "buy on" offers but I felt it wasn't worth the outcome. I am looking at all available options to make this a reality. When I have more information on this, I will let everyone know the where, when and who will be involved.



 That's it for now.. 


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